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Individual Therapy
Individual Therapy for Adults is available for a wide variety of issues including but not limited to:
-Grief/Loss, Abuse/Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Addiction and Recovery , Dual Diagnosis, Codependency, Adult Children of Alcoholics Recovery (ACoA), Caregiver Self-Care/Support, Self-Esteem, 12-Step Recovery, Stress Related Issues/Concerns, Integrative Health and Wellness.
**For those who prefer not to come into the office, we provide on-line TeleHealth Services for individuals or couples.
Couples Therapy


Every couple has strengths as well as problem areas, or "stuck points."  Most couples enter therapy to address the problems they are having-that's the normal starting point.  We believe good couples therapy needs to address these presenting problems but also must focus on strengthening the positives in the relationship, an often overlooked part of couples therapy.  We will be spending time rebuilding your connection to one another and enhancing the positive aspects of your relationship as well as learning how to navigate your conflicts.

Research shows that effective couples therapy requires learning a process to manage issues that arise rather than trying to solve every specific problem.  Through practice and active participation, you'll discover ways to navigate through the stress and disagreements in your relationship that have, up to now, seemed insurmountable.  We will work together as a team to help you create the relationship you want.


Please call for a free phone consultation. 



EMDR Therapy


EMDR Therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on targeting and resolving traumatic memories that often surface in trauma symptoms.  It is a well-researched modality for working with traumatic memories and experiences.  EMDR is designed to bring a rapid response through working with how the brain processes memories.  Traumatic memories and emotions are stored in the brain in such a way that they do not process through like regular, non-traumatic memories do.  They remain stuck in the brain in an unprocessed state and continually get re-experienced as if they are happening in the present.  Sometimes this process is referred to as a "flashback".

EMDR uses a simple back and forth movement, focusing on a memory and feelings associated with it, allowing the brain to reprocess the memory.  The trauma response is resolved and the memory processes through and is stored where regular memories are stored in the brain - without the emotion and trauma response.

If you are experiencing any kind of traumatic memories, EMDR Therapy will allow you to desensitize to and reprocess the memories so they no longer cause you pain in the present.  EMDR Therapy has also been shown to be effective with addictions, anxiety, depression, and other conditions.

Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive type of energy/body work that is an integrative or complementary therapy.  It's holistic in nature, in that it treats the whole person; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 
Reiki is based on the Eastern theory of energy flow which believes- when energy is running freely and in a balanced way in and around an individual's body, he/she feels good and is at optimal health.
Stress, negativity, poor diet or other problems can block the flow of energy and can create an imbalance in this flow.
During a session, a person remains fully clothed and can either stay seated or lie on a padded table in a comfortable position.  Through gentle hand placements on the body, reiki loosens energy that is blocked so that the body can re-balance itself.  This creates a sense of calm, security and relaxation in the individual.  It is also an excellent tool for stress reduction. 
Reiki Treatment
Therapeutic Touch
Therapeutic Touch ("TT"), is another type of  energy work or complementary or integrative therapy that primarily involves working above the body or in the energy field around the body.  TT  works on unblocking and balancing the body's energy system.  It's holistic in nature; treating all levels and helping harmonize mind, body, emotions, and spirit.
The individual remains fully clothed and can either sit or lie down. There are many techniques or strokes that can be used but primarily TT is a 'hands off' the body technique, which is conducive for those that may be sensitive to touch or who may have a history of trauma.    
Integrating Reiki with TT combines gentle hand placements in various positions on the body and then involves smoothing and re-balancing the energy 2-4 inches or more above or off the body.  
Both therapies are very soothing, gentle and non-invasive and are considered very calming, cleansing, and restorative.
--60 Minute Session for Reiki and Therapeutic Touch Energy Work- @$65/session 
Or Package of 3 sessions @ $180  

Reiki Treatment
Crystal Energy Light Therapy

The Crystal Energy Light sometimes also called a 'Crystal Bed' or 'Advanced Chromo Therapy Machine', is a non-invasive light or device that combines Crystal and Light Therapy, and addresses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of the energy system.  It comes from 'The Casa de Dom Inacio', A Spiritual Healing Center in Abadiania, Brazil.  It is prescribed for the purpose of rejuvenation, alignment, and to promote healing.


The Device has 7 very pure quartz crystals that are suspended above the bed or table which align and correspond to the 7 main chakras or energy centers of the human body. 

Colored light beams pass thru the crystals, which then alternate and radiate color over the corresponding chakras in order to cleanse, unblock, and balance them.

A session consists of lying face up on the table, fully clothed, with eyes covered while meditating and listening to calm, soothing music.  An initial, twenty minute time frame is recommended and given for the first time treatment.  For subsequent treatments, sessions may be given in 20, 40, or up to 60 minute increments.  No other energy/bodywork may be given during the same session.

Disclaimer:  Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Crystal Energy Light Therapy or any other energy work/therapy are not substitutes for medical treatment.  Rather, these modalities act as a complementary or integrative support. 

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